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Yes, I love it when you send sexy selfies

Contrary to popular belief, the selfie is not a modern phenomenon. For decades, people have been doing selfies. Of course, back in the day doing a selfie was a bit awkward, and unless you were using a Polaroid, it was not an instantaneous process.

PC and cell phone cameras changed all that, and the selfie has become its own art form, especially sexy selfies. Thanks to the internet, the process of taking a super sexy selfie and sending it to someone or posting it online is so simple that anyone can do it. For that, we are thankful.

We have put together one of the largest collections of hot girl selfie photos for your enjoyment. They come from all over the world and feature women of all body types and levels of hotness. If it is truly sexy, you’ll probably find it here.



Do we really need to go into why we love sexy girl selfie pics? That much is obvious. However, what classifies as a hot selfie is all about one’s taste. What do you consider sexy? Is it about one’s assets and how they show them off? Do they involve scantily clad bikini girls? For many, a super sexy selfie is all about showing the most skin without becoming NSFW.

Showing some skin isn’t the only way to take a sexy selfie. Confidence is super sexy, and a woman showing off her latest killer outfit can be sexy. Some women have a sexy smile that can turn guys on while fully clothed. Then you have those women that are just so stunningly beautify that they can make a potato sack look sexy.

The point is that you don’t have to show a lot of skin to take a super sexy selfie. You’ll find tons of hot girl selfies of women who show little skin but are just as hot – or maybe more so – than those wearing almost nothing at all.

No, we are not a bunch of prudes. We love hot girl selfie pics of women wearing next to nothing the same as the next guy or gal. We just have a healthy appreciation of the female form regardless of how it’s presented. If you’re honest with yourself, you do as well.

Do you know of some sexy girl selfie pics we’ve missed? Send them to us! If you’re a woman who loves taking hot selfies, we’d love to see them! If we like them, and chances are we will, you can expect to see them in a future post.

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