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Whitney Cummings Shows Off Her Sexy Body As She Poses For…

Whitney Cummings Shows Off Her Sexy Body As She Poses For Racy Snaps

The comedian is often praised by her fans for her amazing body and sexy curves. She never shies away from showing off her eye-popping curves. To do so, she often poses in skimpy outfits and shares the snaps with her 1.3M Instagram followers.

Recently, she was seen posing topless while undergoing some medical procedure. She lay on a bed on her stomach while wearing a lacy pink bottom.

A white patch of ointment was applied on her bosom as she was seen hiding her tits with her hands.

As she placed her hands on both sides of her body while posing, her pretty cleavage was visible.

Her toned body could be seen in the image. The pink bottom she wore highlighted her pert posterior.

Her blue locks were tied on a top-knot bun, which made her appealing. Whitney was also seen posing in a printed bikini, which featured a triangle top and a matching high-waist bottom. The top emphasized her pretty cleavage and toned stomach as she posed for the pictures. Her thick thighs and toned legs looked defined as the ensemble hugged her body. Her messy hair was styled in a top-knot bun as she posed for the picture. She sat on her floor while laughing with her eyes closed.

The comedian shared a picture that gave a serene aura. She wore a revealing brown top which flexed her ample assets and pretty cleavage. Her hair was tied in a top-bun hairstyle as she posed while slightly tilting her head. She chose a chic makeup look which featured a pink lip tint and blue eyeliner. She charmingly smiled with her eyes closed, which brightened up the frame.


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