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The beauty working in local convenience store – Coco

How often do you go to your nearest convenience store? Once a week? If you see Coco, a Korean beauty we are introducing today, packing the stock with her sexy tight skirt under her uniform, you will likely come to this convenience store as frequently as you can! Let’s check out Coco’s stunning photos now!

Coco, who was born in 1992, is 30 years old now based on Korean age. In 2014, she joined Afreeca TV as a live streamer. In the beginning, she was not very popular. After she has changed her streaming content to wore various cosplay clothes and become the first streamer cosplaying on Afreeca, she has gained wide exposure on the internet and caught lots of attention from netizens. With her success, the “Coco-style live broadcast.” has been imitating by different streamers across different streaming platforms.

Coco loves sharing her stunning photos with her followers on her Instagram account, which now has over 657k followers, mainly from China, Japan, and South Korea. Many fans praised Coco, even though she is already 30 years old, she still looks very childish and attractive.

Coco also uploads videos on her YouTube channel to share his daily life with his younger brother regularly. Although many fans are very envious of the younger brother having such a hot sister, the younger brother laughed and said that he was very sick of his sister’s frequent uploading of photos and videos showing off her figure on all major platforms.

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