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Taylor Momsen Looks Hot As She Poses Naked In The Cemetery…

Taylor Momsen Looks Hot As She Poses Naked In The Cemetery For Her New Album

The American singer has recently announced her new album “Death By Rock and Roll” which is set to be released on 12th February. She has also talked about her second single, “25,” which she spoke about in the press announcement. She also revealed that the main elements of music for her new album are hard rock and grunge. She added the dark and heavy theme to the album cover as well.

Taylor was seen posing naked in the cemetery while showing off her stunning physique. Taylor was seen leaning on a headstone as she posed naked. Her silver hair cascaded on her bosom while covering her tits. She chose a light makeup look with dark eye makeup, which made her enthralling.

Though the shoot was conducted in the dark, her toned body and legs were visible. As the camera angle changed and she sat in the same posture in broad daylight, her nicely sculpted figure was visible as she covered her assets and modesty with her hair and legs.

She was also seen kneeling on the soil in front of the tombstone. She hugged herself while posing to cover her assets. A flicker of blue light crossed her, illuminating her long hair and silhouette. She was seen glaring at the camera as she sat there, which made her look tempting.

Taylor added a close-up snap of herself on the cover of the album. Her wavy hair, dark eye makeup, and pale face created a mysterious aura as she posed for the images. Though the music is not released yet and pre-order is still on, the fans of The Pretty Reckless singer are waiting eagerly to enjoy the new style of music.

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