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Pauline Showcases Her Boobs And Big Booty In Her Recent Instagram…

The Khassani Swimwear owner Pauline looks stunning in whatever she wears, and her tremendous body confidence offers her a distinct aura. She loves to model skimpy bikinis and swimwear to flex her sexy curves. Her Instagram account has already surpassed the counter of 5M followers. A few days ago, she shared a couple of images to show off her amazing body proportion. She went naked while posing with her back towards the camera.

Pauline pretty curves

She leaned on the wall while partially covering her posterior with a white towel. Her side-boobs and pretty curves could be seen in the picture. She arched her back slightly to give a better view of her peachy posterior. She placed her head on the wall with her eyes closed. Her hair was left loose to fall on her back.

Pauline beautifully tanned skin

She shared another close-up snap to show off her beautifully tanned skin.

Pauline sultry snap

Pauline was also seen posing for some sultry snaps while wearing a long transparent dress made of chains. The revealing top part showcased her ample assets, tits, and toned stomach. She placed her legs to the front, which highlighted her toned, slender legs.

Pauline peachy derriere

She was also seen posing with her back towards the camera. The chains fell on her booty, like fringes, and emphasized her peachy derriere. Her long blond tresses were styled straight to fall on her back.

Pauline pretty body

She posted some close-up snaps of her pretty body, which complimented her taut stomach, ample cleavage, charming curves. In the caption, she thanked her followers for wishing on her birthday.

Pauline topless

She looked dashing on another snap she shared on her Instagram. As she posed with her back towards the camera, the thong bottom flexed her pert derriere. She posed topless while covering her tits with her hands. Her mesmerizing curves and side-boobs were visible in the photo. She accessorized her look with a wide-brim straw hat, and her blond hair cascaded on her back. She looked tempting as her bronzed skin and nicely sculpted body could be seen in the picture.

Pauline sexy

She was also seen posing with her eyes closed as she held her hat with her hand.

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