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Paulina Franco Lopez Poses In Skimpy Bikinis To Show Off Her…

The Mexican fashion model is often praised by her fans for her jaw-dropping figure, and she loves to show off her sexy body while posing in skimpy bikinis and outfits. She knows her best angles, and it has helped her garner more than 1M followers on her Instagram. She recently shared a couple of photos in which she was seen posing in a skimpy triangle bikini.

She let the camera capture her pretty side-profile; the tiny triangle top with a halter neck detailing flexed her ample side-boobs and toned stomach. The bikini top was paired with a matching thong bottom, which flaunted her peachy posterior and toned legs. The lower parts of her body were covered in soapy foams, which made her look sexy. She held a wine glass in her hand while posing. Her hair was left loose to fall on her back.

Paulina shared a close-up snap of her face in which she was seen donning the same bikini. The triangle bikini top complimented her ample cleavage and naturally radiant skin. Her locks cascaded on her back and shoulder as she posed for the photo. She chose a light makeup look with pink lip color, which appreciated her beautiful facial features.

She shared another picture in which she was seen posing in a bathtub filled with soap bubbles while enjoying her drink.

She shared another series of pictures in which she was seen posing in a revealing sweater that highlighted her ample assets and charming cleavage. Her brunette locks fell on her shoulder as she posed for the photos. Her simple hairstyle and light makeup look added to her charm.

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