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Nadine Kerastas Shows Off Her Boobs And Booty In Her Recent…

The Playboy model knows how to show off her sexy figure, and she loves to flaunt her charismatic body and gorgeous curves. She knows the angles that can flex her enviable frame, and hence she lets the camera explore her feminine beauty mingled with her charm. She has more than 2M followers on her Instagram.

The model was seen posing outside in the snow. The tiny triangle top showed off her ample assets and toned stomach. The ensemble featured a thong bottom that appreciated her stunning curves and toned leg.

She wore a pair of heavy boots, which matched her look. She wore a brown fur hat and a furry scarf to accessorize her look. Her short hair fell on her shoulder to make her look sexy. She chose a light makeup look featuring a pink lip color and heavy eyelash extensions, which illuminated her naturally beautiful facial features.

As she posed for a frontal view, her toned stomach and charming bosom were on display. She also posed with her back towards the camera to show off her peachy posterior.

Nadine modeled a tiny strappy bikini with a thong bottom. She was seen posing with her back towards the camera while slightly turning her head, and her posture flexed her peachy posterior. Her long raven locks fell on her back. She chose a glam makeup look with nude lip color and winged liner, which made her look appealing. She captioned the photo, “Lookin’ like a doll but you can’t play with me (emoji).”

The model looked sizzling as she wore a jeweled top and a matching bottom. The triangle-shaped top flexed her under-boobs and toned stomach. The bottom she wore highlighted her mesmerizing curves and toned legs. She teamed up her ensemble with gladiator-style shoes with jeweled design and black straps. She accessorized her look with a matching jeweled headpiece and choker. Her glam makeup look added to her beauty. She used the caption, “Thank U, Next.” – Me to 2020 & all that glitter is … on my dress (emoji).”

Nadine was also seen posing in a revealing hot pink top and a matching tube skirt. The top emphasized her ample cleavage and gorgeous bosom as she slightly arched her back while posing. Her bottoms showed off her toned stomach and legs as her posture made her curves look more defined. Her chic makeup look and hairstyle matched well with her attire. She penned the caption, “Say,, I LOVE YOU” without using those three words … (emoji) like:,, You can have my ice cream” (emoji).”

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