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Myanmar Cute Model, Lamin Ein in Beautiful Gown

Myanmar Model, Lamin Ein in Beautiful Red Long Dress

Model La Min Ein in Sleeveless White Gown

Myanmar Beautiful New Face Model: La Min Ein
Date of Birth: 24 March 1993
Work: Part Time Modelling
Studied in Business at PS Business School
Old Student of TTC 2009
Affiliation: Talent and Models Agency
Address: Asia Plaza, Yangon
Email: [email protected]
Interests: Dancing, Singing and Modelling

Photographer: Lin Tun
Photos from Facebook.

လြမ္းေမာစရာ ျမတ္ခင္းျပင္ရဲ့  ညေနဆည္းဆာမွာ စြဲေဆာင္မွဳအျပည့္နဲ႔ လွေနတဲ့ ေမာ္ဒယ္ လမင္းအိမ္ ပါ။

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