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Josie Canseco Poses Topless With Horse While Showing Off Her Toned…

Josie Canseco Poses Topless With Horse While Showing Off Her Toned Body

The American model Josie Canseco is blessed with an enviable frame, and she often models sexy outfits. In September, she shared some photos with her 1.2M Instagram followers with the caption, “where I belong :)”

Josie Canseco topless

The gorgeous lady was seen posing topless with a horse. She made a cute pouty face with a small frown as she held the horse. Her hands covered her assets as she posed for the photos. Her blond locks were styled in a top-knot messy bun.

Josie Canseco kissing

In another photo, she was seen with Paul Logan, who was kissing her passionately. Josie was seen smiling cutely with her eyes closed. Her toned back could be seen in the photo as she was hugging Logan.

Josie Canseco riding the horse

She also posted a picture in which she was seen wearing denim. She was topless and was riding the horse. Her toned body could be seen as the blurry image was censored.

Josie Canseco posing topless

Josie shared another couple of photos on her Instagram; She was seen posing topless while sporting denim shorts. She covered her assets with her hands while posing for the pictures. Her no-makeup look and messy blond hair made her look mesmerizing.

Josie Canseco close-up shot

She posed for a close-up shot, which showed off her beautiful face.

Josie Canseco posed topless

She wore loosely-tailored white trousers as she posed topless.

Josie Canseco cleavage look

She squeezed her breasts while posing, which made her cleavage look more defined.

Her toned body could be seen in the picture as the camera captured her from different angles.

In the caption, she thanked her followers for loving her.

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