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Eat way more than you can imagine – Mina Cheung

What is the biggest meal you have ever eaten? How much can you eat at one time? No matter what you have eaten in your biggest meal, the girl we are introducing today can eat way more than you can imagine! Mina Cheung, a Taiwanese model, and big eater have eaten over 105 plates of sushi at once in an eating challenge.

It seems unfair that Mina never gains weight even she eat a lot in her meal. With her appealing appearance and perfect figure, she has been invited to join many variety shows as a guest to show her outstanding eating ability. To be honest, it is hard to focus on what Mina has eaten as Mina’s busty figure has caught lots of attention from netizens.

Mina Cheung was born on 7 Mar 1990 in Taiwan. She is 158cm tall, weighs 41kg.”As a Taiwanese big eater, I want to join the big eater competition in Japan to prove that Taiwan also has a group of big eater. Not only take it as a challenge but also regarded as glory to my country. ” Mina said in an interview.

It is not the first time that Mina has challenged the Big eater competition. She has eaten over 150 oysters in one competition, which earned her the title of “Queen of Big Eater”. Mina usually shares her eating moment and modeling photos with her fans on Instagram, which has over 63k followers. If you would like to check out more stunning photos from Mina, you might follow her Instagram.

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