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Dasha Inyutkina Poses In A Sexy White Bikini While Showing Off…

Dasha Inyutkina Poses In A Sexy White Bikini While Showing Off Her Model Figure

The model Dasha Inyutkina is well known for being a favorite of many brands, and as a successful endorser, she is a choice of 138 Water as well.

Dasha Inyutkina Malibu beach

Recently, she was seen posing for the brand on Malibu beach. In the recent photoshoot, she looked jaw-dropping while donning a skimpy white bikini.

Dasha Inyutkina pretty cleavage

The triangle top with halter-neck showed off her pretty cleavage and ample assets. She paired the bikini top with a matching bottom with string detailing that appreciated her toned, slender legs and stunning curves.

Dasha Inyutkina toned stomach

The ensemble highlighted her toned stomach and attractive physique.

Dasha Inyutkina chic makeup look

Her blond hair and chic makeup look made her look hot and tempting. She accessorized her look with a pair of reflective sunglasses.

Dasha Inyutkina posing in the water

In one of the photos, she was seen posing in the water while splashing around.

She caressed her hair while posing.

As she stood with her back towards the camera, her bikini bottom flexed her peachy derriere.

She also lay on the shallow water with the bottled of 138 water.

She also posed on the beach while stretching her full-body. Her toned, tall figure could be seen in the photo.

Dasha lay on the beach, which appreciated her charming curves and beautiful body.

She also kneeled on the sand while highlighting her toned legs and taut stomach.

She was also seen touching her hair gently while posing.

As she sat on the beach while arching her back, her pose flexed her peachy derriere and toned back.

She looked like the embodiment of joy as she was having fun while splashing in the water with a charming smile.

She also posed on the sand while lying on her stomach.

She was also seen adjusting her bikini while coming out of the water after posing for a few snaps.

She looked mesmerizing, and her grace added to her beauty as she walked around on the beach with a smile.

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