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Cardi B Shows Off Her Curves As She Wears Leotard In…

Cardi B Shows Off Her Curves As She Wears Leotard In Behind The Scenes Of Her Music Video Up

Cardi B previously announced that she was about to release her new music video, Up, for which she shared a sultry snap. She also shared a few behind-the-scenes pictures from the new music video. She captioned the photo, “Rolls Royce angel… #upmusicvideo.” Her seductive look and sassy attitude add to her sensuality. In a recent interview, the hitmaker said that she often gets ‘surprised’ by ‘nasty’ reactions to her music. She considers them as ‘Conservatives.’

The lyrics of her song were also pointed as ‘filthy’ and ‘freaky.’ She was severely criticized after she released her single WAP with fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion. Though she received backlashes, her song topped the Billboard charts. Cardi voiced her thoughts, saying, ‘I don’t even think it was religious people, it was really a lot of Republicans.’ She also added ‘Big Republicans, not like senators and s**t like that, it was literally like those motherf***ers that got blue checks on Twitter, they’re big influencers.’

The 28-year-old rapper looked sizzling as she showed off her curves as she posed in a white leotard with a plunging neckline. She had a white chiffon wrap on top of her leotard. Her thick thighs and toned legs were highlighted by her posture. Her hairstyle and light glam makeup look added to her beauty.

She looked charismatic as her look was teamed up with white fingerless gloves attached to the wrap. She accessorized her look with diamond chokers. She stood on a higher parapet, and this part was edited in the video to look like she was a jewel on the hood of a pink Rolls. To add more glitter and glamor to her look, she put on a diamond toe-linked ankle bracelet and painted white claws with Rhinestone designs. The rapper had her slippers on as she was taken to the set on a golf cart.

She previously said in another interview, ‘I grew up listening to this type of music. Other people might think it’s strange and vulgar, but to me, it’s almost like really normal, you know what I’m saying?’ Soon after Up was released, another set of controversies stirred up. There are accusations that she had plagiarised it from a track of two Jersey-based rappers.

The rapper duo Mir Pesos and Mir Fontane claimed that the song is stolen from their track, Stuck, released in September, and they also compared the songs on Instagram, wrote ‘They stealing.’ Following the accusations, Cardi shared a clip in which she was singing the song in August.

She responded in a live, ‘From August 7th … I been working on this. Sorry lil boy never hurd [sic] of you.’ She further commented, ‘I am the type of person, I don’t like going to court…’ adding that if she were to ‘jack something from somebody,’ she would pay them. If you’re feeling a certain type of way, we can take it to court. I don’t give a f**k – get the f**k out of here.”

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