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Anna Vakili Posts Her Breast-Augmentation Photo As She Participates In A…

The new social media trend demands the users to post some images of the memorable moments of their life. Though Anna Vakili considers it as “a big mistake,” she took a bold step and posted the photo fulfilling the requirements of the viral trend. Recently, she was tested COVID positive, and this was followed by her posting some sultry snaps on her social media account.

Anna Vakili orange bikini

She also shared a photo in which she was seen sporting an orange bikini, and it was marked as a photo from a standout moment of her life. As a part of this trend, she showed her candid persona by sharing a snap of her boob job.

Anna Vakili sexy

The 30-year-old Love Islander posted a picture in which she was seen lying beside her boyfriend, but she hid his face under emoji. This is probably a throwback image from her France trip with her mystery boyfriend. She looked stunning as her naturally beautiful facial features and radiant skin could be seen in a makeup-free photo.

Anna Vakili hot

Anna had to reveal her home screen as per the challenge, and she also told the reason for having the image. She has previously stated that she has gained weight during the nationwide lockdown in the UK. Therefore, she uses one of the pictures before her weight gain to motivate herself, ’13 kg lighter to try and motivate me not to eat unhealthily’.

Anna Vakili sexy pic

These came after Anna declared on Instagram that she was tested positive for Coronavirus. While revealing her COVID battle on a video clip, the reality star assured she was ‘on the road to getting to 100% by New Year’s’ after going through those painful days of ‘bad shakes, nausea and a headache.’ She also revealed that her parents and her sister Mandi were all affected by the Virus.

Anna Vakili hot pic

But she was delighted by her fans’ support, and she felt ‘lucky’ to enjoy a Christmas with her family. She got back to her fans with a thank note, ‘Thank you, everyone, for your kind messages, it’s not really how I imagined Christmas or New Year’s. I still feel lucky to be around my family.’

The model talked about her COVID symptoms and illness on a video from her bed. She stated: ‘Hey guys, I had so many messages from you guys asking about my symptoms. I feel like it’s almost my duty to do that because as I didn’t have the typical symptoms, you’d know that… everyone is self-isolating anyway but still. My main symptom was really bad shakes.

I was really cold for the first few days.’ Anna also shared that she barely knew about being affected. Still, she also shared her current status with her fans, ‘Now my temperature is back to normal, I’m not shaking anymore, nausea is gone and I had my headache up until this morning, thankfully it’s gone.’

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