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A Week As A Legal Sex Worker Who Booked $1 Million This Year

Meet 29-year-old Alice Little. Employed by the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Las Vegas, Nevada, Little claims to be the most successful legal sex worker in the United States, bringing in over $1 million a year. How did she do it? According to Litte:

“I broke it down. A million dollars divided by 12 became a goal of $84,000 a month. If I have an overnight client every month, which is in the $20,000 range, that brings it down. Then I should have a range of five-figure parties between $10,000 and $15,000. If I have three of those, then I would only need to do so many $5,000 parties.

She goes on to explain “I set time aside to build connections with my guests and arrange my schedule so I could meet that goal — and now I’m even exceeding that. We know, generally speaking, that the more successful individuals in our industry book somewhere between $400,000 and $700,000 in a calendar year. I’m almost doubling their performance, and it’s really astonishing.”

“I can say that I am the most successful legal sex worker in America. Sex work is only legal in Nevada. But I’m not saying this to brag; the reason why I talk about what I earn is that it’s the only way that people will understand that legal sex work is a valid and real career. People always think of sex work as something short term, a stop-gap, but I’m not unique in the sense that this is what I do full-time.”

Aside from the money aspect, Little reiterates she thoroughly enjoys helping people — whether it be overcoming sexual anxiety, venturing into new fetishes or coaching couples on how to add a little more heat in the bedroom, she’s enthusiastic to help.

She explained: “Having an expert like me show you how to engage in flogging, spanking, roping, role-play, domination and more can bring a new thrill to your sex life.”

While she mentions it isn’t about the money, she is quick to defend the amount she charges. According to Little:

“By the time that you add up all my job titles — essentially a sex professor, a psychologist, a relationship counselor, a companion, an escort, someone who is doing physical labor — I’d say I’m undervaluing myself for the amount of work I’m actually doing. Sex work is so much more than just sex. And personally, I love my job, which is why I choose to do it.”

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